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Exhibition: An()other Goodbye


academic year 2021-2022


In the course of our lives, we all face loss at one point or another. These are often times when we feel at a loss for words.

This design studio explored how we can use ‘poiesis’ – i.e. our human ability to (re)shape the world around us – instead, in an attempt to grasp the elusive notion of consolation in a non-verbal way.

The students who participated in this studio were therefore asked to identify a personal experience of loss, in relation to which they then had to design a memorial place, either on the Campo Santo cemetery in Sint-Amandsberg or on a site of their own choosing.

During their design processes, the students were challenged to unite the abstract and the concrete, thinking and making, writing and drawing, the verbal and the non-verbal, the concept and the construction detail. Within this context, they explored themes such as embodiment, touch, eye level, proximity, scale, … .

The wide variety of the resulting projects serves as an open invitation to rethink how we approach (the design of) funerary architecture anno 2022.

Moreover, the results highlight the therapeutic potential of creating some space out of time in the present, in search of a way to integrate what we have lost in the past into our future lives.

by Eva Demuynck


exhibition of work by Alejandro Cartin Garcia, Klaudio çurmaku, Elien De Keyser, Hanne Deswert, Shaurya Dutta, Jinte Kockelbergh, Fien Meerpoel, Winnie Nollet, Wiktor Serafin, Miguel Vervacke and students who prefer to remain anonymous (KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture, campus Ghent)


Wednesday 1st of June 2022, 20h


Sint-Amandus Chapel (Joannes Roegierspad, 9040 Sint-Amandsberg)

This studio is part of the ongoing research project ‘The Embodiment of Consolation’ funded by the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO). For more info, see track ‘Consolation‘.

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