Posted on 04 Feb '20 in Book Publications

Move to Design, Design to Move

With their chapter “Move to Design, Design to Move” (p. 331 – 340), Liselotte Vroman and Thierry Lagrange contbributed to the book Research Culture in Architecture, Cross-disciplinary Collaboration. Research Culture in Architecture combines digital and analog research issues and demonstrates how important cross-disciplinary cooperation in architecture is today. The complexity and increasing specialization are elaborated on in the various chapters and then linked to the core of architecture, i.e. design. More details can be found here.

The research identifies a challenge to deepen our understanding of the concept of the embodied experience through practical experiments and aims to enrich our knowledge of spatial qualities. In the hypothesis put forward – drawn from philosopher and former dancer Maxime Sheets-Johnstone’s (2011) movement theory – we suggest visualizing, drawing, and reflecting on human movement is a possible strategy to collect new insights on the topic. The paper describes, reflects, and evaluates one specific case, in which there is examined how we can gain better insights into the matter from the perspective of performance arts.