Posted on 12 Feb '20 in Space and Looking

The Matrix Project

This publication is The Matrix Project from which the Matrix Method comes forth. The Matrix Project thus is the Matrix Method put into practice for the first time, and for which I have used a selection of my photographic production. The Matrix Project can be considered as a special type of archive, as an image database, ordered in a specific way so as to give rise to new insights through the images and words it contains. These are personal insights triggered by the meaning inherently purveyed by my images (700), as well as the meaning of the combinations of these images.

In this book, I propose three perspectives. Three ways of looking at images and at space. I propose three different yet intertwined views on an artistic production and an artistic research. They reflect my views as an architect, as a photographer, and as a researcher. Central to these three ways of seeing are at all times: the act of looking itself and potential meanings of looking, more specifically those ways of looking that can lead to new creative insights. A first perspective focuses on what is there to see?, an objective view, a second one on How do I look?, a self-reflective view and finally Where to look at?, a spatial view.

The immediateness of the photography vs the long term process, the materialization of built architecture vs the manipulation of light, the human body in space vs the human body, a breath a heartbeat, and holding and manipulating that instrument. It is with this book, and the research project that interacts with it that there is finally an object that connects both photography and architecture.