Posted on 17 Jan '20 in Events


Jo Van Den Berghe has made a contribution to the WORKS+WORDS BIENNALE 2019.

My Black Mariah and the White Chapel in the Field: A Dialectical Cartography

Jo Van Den Berghe
Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Design and Conservation
Copenhagen, Denmark
28 November 2019 – 19 January 2020

In a topographic section on scale 1/10, drawn in pencil on paper, 4 places have been more deeply investigated through integrating 4 central perspectives. These places are an inconsistent set of separate micro narratives, drawings and reflections, that have remained too anthological up till now. This set of drawings has been set up as an investigation, a drawing cycle instigated in order to come to a more cohesive understanding, meaning and depth and to deeper inscribe oneself into the palimpsest of histories of a place and a house, its traditions of lacemaking, gardening and drawing, finding how this culture of making becomes making culture. Searching for a connecting layer of meaning that carries these four places, and the ‘separate’ meanings adopted to them, instigates this project. The assumption is that the stable precense of the landscape may be crucial as the un-locker in deciphering this anthological struggle.

Photos by Søren Svendsen