Act by Act

Following a method that entails the acting and re-acting of specific sculptural acts, I’m investigating how new formal and material qualities of objects and spaces can be created. For example, the articulation of the inside and outside structure of objects, or the investigation of the relationship between the two- and three-dimensional. I’m applying sculptural, repetitive acts like tracing, cutting, sawing, sanding, milling, stacking, smearing, arranging and dipping with or on a diversity of objects and materials and spaces. These acts allow me to accentuate the forms and surfaces of objects and to create new readings of materials; a new spatiality can be established, whereby the identity of the object can be questioned. By making sculptures, installations and drawings the ordinary object can somehow be ‘lifted’ through the appreciation and understanding that one has of it. By means of these acts, the object will lose its function; this loss (or removal) of the function, often by disguising or by alterin, makes the object become alienated from its surroundings, it thereby gaining a new kind of formal and spatial meaning.

by Dimitri Vangrunderbeek


18.04.19Form Studies with Plaster Casts
06.01.18Aspects of a generative drawing method